Saturday, June 12, 2010

Color Correction + Music + Sound Design = Way More Awesomer Movie!

So I have some great Photos & Drawings news.

1) Thomas Fay has composed a beautiful, charming score for the film. I got to personally play drums on the recording of the original end credits tune.

2) Benjamin Allison and Jon Mohs at Seamless Sound are crafting some incredible sound & foley for the film. These guys work so hard to design it so things sound "like they were always that way".

OH, AND... I have to say that I pretty much jumped for joy (Toyota style), geeky fist pump and all, when Heidi called from Splice Here to say that they would take our little project on and do Color Correction for the film.

This was an incredible break and working with Colorist Joanna has been a real treat. The red footage we used to edit with looked amazing but now the film is gorgeous–stunning really. 

So... If everything runs on course the film will be complete in the next couple of weeks. And then we get to see what awesome festivals we get into.


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